Lynch: Thanks For Asking

you're simply wrong and obviously have not really thought things through

there will ALWAYS be extroverts that DO want to talk to the press, both because its their personality and because its financially lucrative to increase their personal brand. (see douchebag sherman who has talked himself into endorsements. The nfl will never have a lack of players willing to jabber to the press stooges

To FORCE EVERYONE to do so is disgraceful. Obviously he still doesnt want to talk, in spite of the inducements to do so.

Tell me he won't attend media day at the Super Bowl because he's "introverted."

Are you some kind of moran? He sure as shit didnt want to be interviewed, thats obvious. And he only did he because he doesnt want to get fined, boss

Goodell is acting like a modern day slave holder demanding people do work for his organization for free. NO ONE is assessing the players ability to answer press questions at the scouting combine. No one is drafted because they are smooth with the press. That assertion is absurd.

They are drafted and paid 100% on their football playing ability. Now the nfl arbitrarily demands they do the press (for free) and acts like thats "part of the job". They could claim anything they want is "part of the job". How about if they contractually demanded all nfl players sing in a christmas choir album to sell to "increase the brand recognition" of their team and the nfl.

Compelling people to do ancillary bullshit for free is awful, even if you try to wrap it up in some bullshit "contractual obligation" shit that has nothing to do with the actual job.

And lets not forget that the nfl has been granted monopoly status by the US government itself, so its not like the players can freely leave and choose to not get screwed over by these assholes. What they are doing is forcing arbitrary cortractual slavery on people that cannot escape.

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