MRW I work at Olive Garden and see someone propose to their SO.

Going back up the chain to respond to this all together.

Fuck me for expecting people to be decent to one other.

No, not fuck you but it is the internet and as much as you or I want people to be decent you should not expect it. Unless you can get the world to shift and the activity someone does online to be tied directly to them (very unlikely to ever happen fully but on case by case basis it will) then they will have anonymity. That means that what has impacted their day, week, year, decade, life will influence them. You are angry and it is very easy to see. If you could release that rage by trolling, griefing, scamming, or other ways you might or you might not. Some people do and it is wrong.

Bringing your personal problems to the internet as an argument for overreacting to a joke. You were the one who blew the whole thing out of the water.

Let's walk through this.

Ohsnap -Broham_the_Barbarian

The source spelling.

"Ohsanp" nothing. -You

As you can see here is where the misspelling happened.

Ohsanp is undefined -Swimbo

Swimbo is joking because the "variable" was defined as Ohsnap and you misspelled it. He was trying to be funny not mean.

Ohsnap is null or not an object -You

Missed the joke but hey that's ok.

You wouldn't even compile with a misspelled variable like that -iPwnnn

Just again joking around. No harm is meant here but just fun on the onsnap misspelling still.

Take his degree back -BluLemonade

Again, just a joke. Not meaning to hurt you.

Haven't earned it yet anyway, and besides, I finally got the joke. I misspelled Ohsnap in my reply, and seem to be suffering the consequences for it, despite the fact that it would still work regardless of how the fuck I spelled it... idiots fucking everywhere. I need a new planet. Seriously, what the honest fuck is wrong with people? Bring on the downvotes. I'm used to your pathetic bullshit today reddit. -You

Yea, you went atomic. First, you get that it was a joke. It wouldn't work because the spelling was not your spelling but the one that was written by Broham_the_Barbarian. Unless you were declaring a new variable. You then go on to say "idiots fucking everywhere." This was quite an overreaction to joking around. Do you often get mad when friends joke around with you or are you just trying to take out your frustration on others? Either way, no one was trying to hurt you in any way and if you felt offended the appropriate response is to state it and not lash out. Work with others, especially if you are going to say "Fuck me for expecting people to be decent to one other." Again, no where in here was anyone trying to offend you and you took it personally. If you want to be the victim then you will always have situations like this, I know that because I used to be like that. You have to see that people are just trying to have some lighthearted fun and that no one was hurt and no hurt was intended. If you need to chat there are subreddits with people who love to talk through problems. You are right that none of us know what you have been through and neither do you know what any of us have been through. We all see our problems as gigantic and unimaginable in scale and often overwhelming. However, we often also forget that others are willing to talk to us and help us out. I am a stubborn person and do my own thing until I know that I can't do it alone. Good luck man and I hope things get better for you as it is obvious to everyone reading this thread that something has happened to you.

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