I’m (22F) having issues with my fiancé (23M) not taking our pregnancy seriously.

So, let me get this straight, you

  1. Agreed to an abortion, didn't get because of a bunch of reasons that didn't makes sense. Why didn't you get a medical aboration? Why were you hysterical? What do you mean doctors won't do it BEFORE 6 weeks? Of course you are entitled to change your mind but why are you mad at people providing you with other options such as adoption.
  2. Came here to ask for opinion, people provides their opinion on your fiance not being ready, and your response is "too bad" when you single handedly decided on keeping this baby.
  3. Avoiding context that people are asking (i.e. why can't you still work the same job, what is the job, do you not have employee rights?) and yet you won't provide any addition information other than "it's not suitable"
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