I’m finally leaving my abusive mom!

Kids nowadays think you've got it oh so bad . I'm not one of those old crotchety men who say they had too walk through 10 feet of snow with one boot...although I was born in a time that has just now came to light for a class action lawsuit..let me explain my story . Than maybe you kids out there will have a better perspective of what alot of kids like myself and hundreds more endured. When I was born . The told my mother I was dead. She was a native from six R nations I believe.. and a white father..that I havnt a clue ..as I dont my mother...soo the children's side was racist against the native s secretly for years in the late 60s into the 70s when this occurred ..you see back than that was the "BIGFREE CASH SCAM. Like ODSp is now..you foster kids and got big checks every month . The first place I went to I dont remember as I was too young but the next ..omg. they were poor as dirt ..they had 3to 6 kids new ones coming and going the man had grade 5 education so could only make min wage so we became their paycheck. I had to steal food from gardens ..nice neighbors would sneak me an apple or orange. We never seen dentist Amos I had abscesses so bad my face swelled up like a soccer ball starving was a normal occurrence. Clothes were the worst .hand me downs from 3 decades ago so could u imagine going to ur school wearing Austin powers get up..well I did .platforms bellbottom cords. Oh ya ..I got picked on so much . It turned to getti g bullied ..but one summer I got a job after school taking care of 36 quarter hourses..shetland ponies and got in shape ..so one day a bully took a swing at me ..within 3 seconds the entire school is around us yellin g FIGHT FIGHT. u get the picture. Well I had enough and beat the piss out of him after that no one tried to pick any fights .(yes. It's TRUE..it really works)..moving on..with no help from my phoney family I graduated..but they didn't care and wouldn't drive me ..I didn't really feel like going while looking like aonny minus cher..there was no love only neglect..no Christmas..no new bikes no nothing ..didn't have a big mac till I was 13....I wasnt sexual abuse..the girls I'm not sure but once I turned 15 I left and never looked back..this same stories has happened to hundreds like me ..and it was not that long ago I hope the sue them into oblivion s o whenever you think your aunt or uncle mommy or daddy gets up mad because they wont let you ddrive the Escalade.

Be thankful you have a family..we dont have anyone..no next workin..no cousin s no sister nothing but a world full of people who thing how terrible their lives have been ..I remember walking back after school with a toothachonce I get to the house I find a note on the locked door..read asfollows.."we went on a trip .be back in 2 weekstheres a cooler in the tent ..oh joy..now comes the worst abscesses in my miserable life I couldn't eat beans for 2 weeks or dry bread so I lost 20 lbs and felt like I wish i was dead ..something i was told regularly by my lovely children's aid ha d pick parents..wish you were never born bastard..this is all true a d everything happened..some worse but i didn't wanna scare you so left out.. sorry for the long story.

mom and dad are "mean " to you because you cant have the es alade

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