I’m insanely busy and have limited time to figure out this computershare stuff, is there a tutorial post or a “computershare 101” post that can walk me through all this?

OKAY LISTEN, figure out how many of your shares you think you need to SELL of your overall number of shares to become what your vision of MOASS is. Take that number and then add a few bc it’s all about being comfortable, correct?

For examples sake using your numbers, since I don’t believe you can technically ’transfer’ the ROTH shares to computershare I would just leave those alone and SELL those during MOASS.

The 21 other shares in your regular brokerage acct I would send over to CS to DRS. Assuming you can make your dreams a reality with your ROTH shares, the other 21 are expendable and you can direct register them in hopes of getting your NFT and adding to the cause. Could still leave a few in your regular brokerage acct but if I were you I wouldn’t worry about the 21 at all since you are set with the other 43.

Now how to go about the process: it’s so easy from fidelity trust me, all you have to do is call and ask for investor relations, then you tell them you would like to direct register ‘XX’ of my GME shares with computershare, then they might read some script to you blabbing about CS but don’t worry about that they just don’t want to lose all the new business they gained (I read something about this only happening if you transfer all of your shares so maybe do all but one, regardless they will grant the transfer and start working on it immediately), so they will probably put you on hold for a minute while they actually send the request to computershare, then the representative might give you a number (take it down even tho it’s not super important) then you should be all good!! After a few days you should notice the shares -> out of your Fidelity acct and then you can proceed over to Computershare and find your acct they created for you, it’s pretty self explanatory once you get on computershare tho, go to the investor center and enter your zip code and last four of social or something and just follow the directions and bam!

Pls feel free to ask any follow up questions

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