I’m not a Tekken fan but is Akuma canon to Tekken now?

Personally, what I dislike about Akuma is the fact that his combos in SF were implemented in Tekken. The problem is that in Tekken, the standard combo format consists of juggling characters in the air and a finishing blow (ender). Because they are up in the air, the damage of each attacks performed during the combo gets reduced (known as scaling). I don't play SF, but based on the vids I watched of it, combos are mostly done on a character who is standing on the ground. In Tekken, all attacks done on a character standing on the ground are not scaled, therefore, whenever Akuma does these types of combos in Tekken, it does wayyy too much damage, since each succeeding hit inflicts its base damage. And if that's not bad enough, he can perform a standard Tekken juggle combo after finishing his SF-style combo.

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