I’m ready to go all-in on Epic 7, what do I need to know?

Day 1 global player who has virtually stopped playing except to login for the daily free summon.

I'm primarily a PvE player who was able to get to Challenger. Unless you get insanely lucky or open your wallet you will never be able to compete at high level PvP because of the cancerous ML units you will go up against.

I am currently at floor 90 of the abyss and at the end of the new tower. Again, unless you have certain units end game PvE is basically how can we punish players for not having certain units and using what they DO have. Its just absolute cancer and killed any motivation I have to play the game.

At the beginning you will be sucked in by the fantastic art and animations but after a couple months you will start to notice the glaring flaws in the game, mostly caused by SG's greed.

This was the first gacha I really got into and I probably spent ~$400 on it over 7 months but like I said I'm basically done with it. The final nail in the coffin for me was the fact the most recent Lilibeth ended up being basically garbage.

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