I’m slow

Dude , you can absolutely still Perdue plumbing. You probably won’t get fired but will wimp out and quit before that happens. But eitherway you can still be a plumber and learn everything at YOUR PACE elsewhere.

Plumbers don’t wear ties but in 2022 people are for sure assholes.

How did you get into plumbing? Just need money and said Fk it?? Or is it something you desire? It kinda sounds like you just want to be there to please someone at home that’s been telling you to get a job?

1 thing is for sure and that’s that you will NEVER Be Happy until you are doing what You Want To Do. If that’s being the shop bitch then that’s cool but if you want to be your own leader then you are doing it all wrong by not knowing what to do a month in opposed to just waiting for instructions. No one likes having to focus on the Job and worry about a gopher at the sametime. If you wanna be a gopher Be one that knows what he needs to gopher before someone has to tell you to Go For This or That.

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