As a man you can never 'own' someone else's accomplishments or wealth. Thats what separates the sex's, we only get what we earn.

Sure have a down vote. You should lurk more and read the sidebar.

Down vote if you want, but you all claim to be alpha males etc etc but are threatened by a woman who makes more money than you? As if that somehow takes away from you as a man?

Not everyone here is or claims to be alpha. Guys who read TRP have opened their eyes to the reality of the sexes and try to improve themselves to gain better outcomes in the real world.

A successful s/o can elevate you, can be someone you can have intelligent discussions with. Can be your equal, not someone you manipulate.

Women don't want to be elevating men. The vast, vast majority prefer the man to be better than them in every way: taller, stronger, smarter, richer, more sexually experienced, more well traveled, more educated, more social, etc.

There is some research out there that showed that women have stronger orgasms when the man that is fucking them is rich/powerful/famous/ripped. And why shouldn't they? You think women should have a more powerful orgasm for uncle Harry who lives under the bridge? Don't you think women deserve the best orgasms they can get, and don't you think that's what they want, too?

50 Shades of Gray, was the guy struggling to make mortgage payments and asking to bum gas money or "split the bill" at dinner, or was the guy a fucking billionaire. That's the most mainstream female fantasy for you. They want a strong orgasm.

The jaded bigoted attitude in this group is far from "red pill" you all live in your own constructs.

We live in the real world. I have read hundreds of divorce stories where a recession hits and the husband is laid off and the wife leaves and takes the kids, or starts fucking her boss. Why do you think so many men killed themselves during the Great Depression and more recently in the great recession? You think they just love money so much they decide to hang themselves in the garage? It's because they know their loving wife won't put up with a loser husband that she has to elevate, he's going to be kicked to the curb, so he offs himself.

Yet we are the jaded ones for trying to avoid bad outcomes? LOL. Please lurk more.

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