So many people believe that Covid is a hoax by the government to control us. Why is this?

The virus isn't a "hoax", but the government responses and the narrative might be very suspicious to those who are looking around themselves and not seeing what it being reported.

We are told many things, but the actual witnesses are few.

The responses also seem to be somewhat chaotic, favoring some, heavily impacting others. It does seem like a conspiracy in some respects.

Remember, we have American government officials telling us:

  • We cannot go to church, and we are cowards if we do.
  • Those same government officials march in BLM protests in front of their own capital because it is "important" and overrides the virus.
  • Small businesses and restaurants must close, but Amazon and Walmart don't.
  • People shouldn't wear masks.
  • People have to wear masks.
  • Only two weeks.
  • Up to two years?
  • And many more

If it is not a deliberate attempt to control, it is the biggest form of incompetence and government overreach we have seen.

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