March 09 - Weekly Improvement & Progress Thread

This week I worked out every day. Making progress and keeping good habits. I follow a strict diet because I have a health issue. It causes chronic pain, but I get through without opiates. My best source of endorphins and dopamine is sex, which I have been having a lot of. I am exclusive with one chick as of a few months ago. She's five years younger and I am more sexually experienced. I don't think she'd ever had a dude go down on her for 15 minutes then fuck her silly for an hour or two straight before me.

What to work on: Taking vitamins. Filing taxes. Filing some legal things with the ex to tie up loose ends from the divorce. Basically, good habits and get shit done.

My advice: don't look at porn unless it is to build up sexual energy you know you will be releasing later. If you're bored, focus on self-improvement instead of reaching for the lotion and kleenex.

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