The markets not going to crash

This post reads like a future bag holder convinced they can outplay the upcoming bear trap.

The stars are aligning. Nearly every single indicator is flashing warning signs. We’re in unprecedented territory. I have become entirely convinced that the market right now is a creature of Frankenstein, and entirely divorced from reality.

I believe we’re in a drawn out period of not allowing the markets to crash. That just about every establishment from watchdogs, the government, businesses, banks, etc are complicit with artificially elevating a burnt out economy. No one wants to be the one for toppling the dominos.

Conspiracy time. Planned market crashes has been decades in the making. I personally believe COVID threw a wrench into the plan and has expedited the next “big crash”. It would explain why we’re seeing vicious hedge fund wars, DTCC, banks, market makers and others rushing for regulation that favors them. No one wants to be the next Lehman Brothers, picked clean by juggernauts deemed too big to fail, and powerful enough to decide the fate of other corporate entities.

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