Marvel is a restaurant, not every dish is for you.

Growing up dad took me and my sibling to see starwars on release. He always found something good to say about each movie just to celebrate in our enjoyment. He was enjoying an experience with his kids.

Now we're in our 30s and dads in his mid 70s. We go see marvel movies and dad shed a tear watching Thor L&T. I've intentionally continued the tradition, a new movie comes out and we take our daughter and if dad is free he comes along too .

This is a kids movie. It's not high cinema, it's an escape for some people and a bonding moment for others.

I understand the need to identify and align personalities with something arbitrary in the last few years as hobbies have become unavailable, people have lost jobs etc. But perhaps don't make Marvel your entire personality, because when one single decision by the director doesn't match your sensibilities you become defensive because you've invested your personality into it.

Instead, find a way to put your pride on the shelf and enjoy an experience with your kids, family and friends. You don't need to live with negativity being your defining trait. Especially when your kids are watching and emulating.

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