[MEGATHREAD] New Horizons Friend Code Sharing MegaThread


Looking to get rid of a goood amount of spares. Accepting Bells, DIY’s (list below), or fossils I don’t have.

*Fossils I have:*

Acanthostega Ammonite Anomalocaris Archelon Tail Branchio Pelvis (3) Coprolite Deinony Tail Dimetrodon Skull (2) Dinosaur Track (2) Diplo Neck (3) Diplo Tail (2) Iguanodon Skull Iguanodon Tail Juramaia Left Quetzal Wing Mammoth Skull (3) Mammoth Torso Megacero Skull Megacero Tail Ophthalmo Skull Ophthalmo Torso Parasaur Skull Parasaur Torso Plesio Body (2) Quetzal Torso Right Megalo Side (3) Right Quetzal Wing Saber Tooth Skull (2) Spino Skull (2) Spino Torso Stego Skull (2) T Rex Skull (2) T Rex Tail (2) Tricera Tail Tricera Torso Trilobite


Plesiosaurus tail Iguan torso Deinonychus torso Eusthenopteron Saber tooth tiger tail



Make your offer! :) going in order!

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