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I think it’s pretty shitty that you say white people were born with a silver spoon or whatever it is you said at the beginning of your comment. Let me tell you I’m white and I love all people no matter what color their skin is. I have not nor will I ever let someone’s skin color determine whether I like that person or not. It’s what comes out of their mouths and from their hearts that is what will distinguish between them being good or bad or whatever...but I never got a damn thing handed to me in my life. Ever since I was little little little I have worked for and earned everything I had or have to this day. Just because I’m white doesn’t automatically mean that I had it way easier. I have had a super rough life and I’ve struggled very hard each and every day just to do it again another day. I understand that Blacks have had it much harder historically to this day and I find it completely disgusting and intolerable and we’ve got to find a way to change it but making a comment that you think about an entire race of people as being entitled and they had it easy was pretty judgmental among other things and I’m sure you’re aware of that...just saying.

allhumansmatter #allourlivesmatter #weneedachange #dontbesoquicktojudge

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