Is there a phrase for someone who believes in every deity because there are other people who believe in them?

I believe that they exist, because they do for their worshippers.

Do you believe they exist as independent entities? For example, if one person believed in the Great Ferglom, would Ferglom would continue to exist after that one believer died, or would Ferglom die with the person?

If you believe that Ferglom has independent existence, and you believe in it - and Astrogoth and Jehovah and Zeus and Allah and Quetzlacoatl and the Rainbow Serpent - that makes you a polytheist. You believe in multiple deities.

If you believe that Ferglom dies when their worshipper dies, then you're just believing in other people's imaginary friends. There's no word for that, because it's not a common enough phenomenon for people to have needed to name. Maybe "shared delusion" might fit.

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