This might break Rule 3, but I was mad because of continuity errors, characters acting out of character, etc. I didn’t even realize people were mad about this.

Real feminist are too old, they don’t care about it. Actual « feminist » just want domination over male and to cancel all the « white privileges » And that’s what they see in all this female char in GoT, and of you don’t trust me, just check all the complain from this « feminist » They are all the same, complain about girls doing shit and dying in this season and white mens saving the face.

And to answer you, a character made by women would be something at first. And by a woman i don’t mean a woman from twitter with colored hair but a real woman that equaly see male and female from all color. That dosn’t even care about it because actually it’s all fine. And that isn’t frustrated and totally crazy.

Is that an answer to you ?

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