Mobbing at the workplace and recourse.

It IS mobbing because it is group bullying, I've noticed it really late in the process. I'm basically one of those people who believe that in a toxic workplace "Good people leave, people who believed that they could change the environment eventually leave, questionable people or people without recourse outside of work stay." Apparently the managers that did leave the department or workplace were trying to protect people from the effects of the place.

1: The person in question does not like me (repeatedly makes offhand remarks just to try to get a rise from me.)

2: He, along with a few people in his clique/department often gossips about me.

3: He has resources, and supervisors that like him.

3: Has a kiss up, kick down approach (belittle people who aren't part of his group, kiss up to supervisors and managers that agree with him.) Unfortunately, he is in a position where he is often looking over me unless they station him into another area. Even then, the people that supply my materials to work on are a hit-miss.

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