Monthly What are My Chances? Thread

Advice/recommendations would be great! I'm also giving some perspective for future applicants as I will be a second time applicant for the 2015 cycle.

-First cycle (CASPA submitted 7/23/2014) *Age: 22 White Male * 650 hours of HCE as a CNA in a nursing home and home health (~2 years old) *100 hours of shadowing (40 with Orthopedics PA and 10 with Family Practice PA; others with physicians) *50 hours of health care volunteering as a Meals on Wheels Driver *85 hours of community service (as a college and high school tutor) *500 hours as a Laboratory Research Assistant (non-clinical) with 2 publications *other various jobs in customer service, as a scorekeeper, and as a custodian *GRE: 151V 158Q 4.5W sGPA: 3.51 cGPA: 3.59 at a top 15 public university *December 2014 graduate with a Bachelors of Science degree (majors: Neurobiology and Psychology)

I applied to 5 schools and got interviews at 2 programs: waitlisted at both after interviews. I have extensive study abroad experiences being in Australia for 6 months and Ecuador for the summer by taking classes at universities there.

As for my second time around *volunteering at a hospital in the Heart Care Unit being a patient companion (3hr/wk) *volunteering in a free clinic in my local city with a large Hispanic population (hopefully using my Spanish skills) (3hr/wk) *obtaining shadowing hours with an orthopedic PA (4hr/wk) *As for HCE, I am stuck in a bubble as I did not keep up with my nursing assistant certification. Since there is 2.5 months until the application opens up, I am foregoing getting re-certification. Therefore, I will be working in the ED as a medical scribe (~30 h/wk) and I am trying to get a second job as a phlebotomist or home health aide working about 10-15 h/wk

Any advice about HCE, GRE retake, interview skils, etc. would be great!

PS. For applicants, make sure you have BLS/CPR certification. I was asked about it in an interview on why I didn't have it and I made a fool out of myself. Also, once at an interview, really be yourself (I purchased the "How to Ace PA School Interview by Rodican). At that point, you are figuring out if you are a right fit and if the program fits you. I even ruled out a program after an interview because I knew I wasn't aligned with their teaching style/ideals. PM if you would like more info!

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