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Hello there, whoever you may be, if you're somebody fascinated by the art of incest or simply just shamelessly tugging your penis.

I welcome you to my update post, the original submission of which can be found right here. I'm assuming that you've read my original post, in which I describe how my mother had caught me, from fault of my own, having some private time by myself. It resulted in a change of atmosphere, and eventually my mom said that she would text me a realistic porn video, which she did, and once again, it changed everything. Alright, so my mom had come home from work, while I was asleep, when I woke up in the morning I had received a text message saying "Morning love, hopefully you read this when you wake up, here is the video :)" and accompanying that was this video. Sorry mods, if it against the rules to post, I'll happily remove it. But yeah, I was seriously turned on when I watched the video, despite it being so early in the morning. The fact that my own mom had sent it to me sent me into a dream, it was insane, I definitely jerked myself off to it. I didn't have any tissues or whatever, so I just wiped it up with my briefs, they were going in the wash anyway. Afterwards, I texted my mom back with "Thanks for making a mess in my briefs :P" I thought that under the advice from you guys, it was a good idea to escalate things into a higher form of flirting. Then I just went through my normal routine and headed off to school. Although I just couldn't get the thought of my mom picking porn out for me in my mind. Halfway through the day, I got a reply back, and she texted "Oh my god shhh I'm pretty sure I just put those in the wash!" That was even more amazing, because now I knew for certain that she'd handled my cummy briefs, could you imagine how amazing that would be? Even more than you think. gasthekikesracewarnow /pol/ forever ayy lmao dank memes So yeah, I came home as per usual, and when I got in and saw my mo, she just gave me a slightly nervous smile. She told me that she needed to talk to me, and we went into the kitchen to talk. Sat on the counter, quite shockingly, was a few things. Firstly, there were some tissues, some lube, a lock for my door and some nice magazines, if you know what I mean. To be honest, it felt more like she just wanted to make me comfortable and be a good mother than any kinky sort of stuff. She sat me down and essentially told me that since she knew I was doing it, she might as well get me some things to make sure I did it properly. That word stuck out in my mind, properly, "To make sure you do it properly." I took that moment to ask her a few things, and asked about the video, specifically "Do you do all that stuff when you, y'know?" (Obviously this is just a simplified version of what I said, it was a bit more nervous etc) and she looked at me for a moment, contemplating probably, before telling me that it was. I just gave her a laugh and said "That's pretty hot", and she blushed. Then, because I thought the conversation was a bit open and light, I apologized for her catching me, and she said that it was fine, and that, well. "It was nice seeing something real for once." That must be some interest? I mean come on, why else would she say that? Then things got quite awkward, but before I left, I joked "Well, you can come watch anytime" with a wink, and oh my god, she just bit her lip and said "Maybe." I'd never felt so aroused. But yeah, I took all the things, and everything pretty much went back to normal until saturday. On Saturday, while she was at work and I was getting ready for bed, I decided to do something that would have certainly crossed a line. I took a picture of my hard cock and sent it to her, I actually fucking sent it to her, and sent a message saying "Here is something real for you, I hope it isn't wrong." When I woke up, she had replied to me, just saying "It isn't", and I thought things would have changed yet again, but it didn't, it was if we were pretending that it never happened.

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