Vivek Wadwha: Get Ready for The Next Wave of Tech Disruptions

We'll kind of get into the culture of eliminating laborious jobs and European countries will pass living wage legislation. The culture of this living wage culture will become so strong as to be unavoidable by the US. States we will be forced to pass living wages as well. The south will resist, lead by Ted Cruz but only at the cost of their economic decline. Living wage states will take off in new exciting directions.

This will happen about 25 years from now. The economy will remain remarkably stable if Hillary Clinton is elected in 2016 because of common sense legislation. Into the booming 20's as they'll be called. Once the 2030's hit, automation will threaten full employment and the presumed republican president will do nothing about it. Immense pressure will build until either a liberal democrat is elected in a landslide or the republican passes some half arsed living wage legislation nationally that forces people to hold 'x' hours pointless of work per week. If the democrat passes living wage legislation we will only require a proper lifelong education regimin.

Protective, cronyist legislation will pepper the country but will be impossible to prevail. Solar will trump oil by the late 2020's. Victories may seem pyhric but nonetheless, our children will benefit.

Someday, we'll think we lived in a form of quasi-slavery today but realize it was a time of economic scarcity. The economics of ubiquity will take hold by the early 2030's. I predict living wage in America by 2035-2040 as automation will take off. If no living wage is passed, costless good will be introduced for those 'superfluous' populations.

Chomsky warns of how we deal with superfluous population but I think we're on the uptrend, especially in Europe, on helping out the superfluous folks. In conclusion, Europe will need to take the lead to pass living wages and the earlier the better. So we can really fuel the emancipation of our lives by robotic labor.

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