Most discussion revolves around what the 'average' man should do to get dates. But not all guys reach average, in fact around 49% of them don't get up to the bar of 'average'. So what's the advice for the bottom 10% from the blue pill vs the Red Pill?

Then why are you putting it out there as something that matters?

Because everyone tells me to lift and as someone that lifts more than the people telling me to lift, it pisses me off on a personal level,t hat's all.

If you're on the street or somewhere where it's not natural, no they don

No that's not what I mean. I've talked about these all before but I'll give you 3 different examples

  1. Went to bar. Attempted to sit down. Only 2 seats open between 2 women. Lady 1 next to me asked me not to sit there she wanted to keep it open. I said okay moved to the next seat, over to lady 2. She then asks me to move back. These two start fighting (with each other) over who I needed to sit next to. Seat opens on the end of the bar, I scurry down there and they continue fucking nearly screaming at each other

  2. Went to speed dating event where during the three rounds I was there the woman "skipped" the round. One person said they had to use the restroom and didn't come out. One person said they were tired by the last date, and the last person said they didn't feel like it would be a good convo and that she would just wait. THe event coordinator gave me back my money once I went up to her.

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