Q4women Does saying guys should work on themselves first to find dating success make any sense when it's women deciding what men should become?

Women want men that have already gone through hell and back, and won the race. They don't want to go through hell with them. So men just need to stop caring about women and manage through life alone until they "find themselves" and "find joy" in their loneliness. Because only then when a man is comfortable with being unloved, and at piece with romantic isolation is he then worthy of being loved.

But on the same coin, isn't it strange how woman always seem to love the same men? And that those same men were loved even in their youths before their concept of self was even realized?

Sure, men who "need to work on themselves" need to work on themselves for themselves, and they need to find joy without a partner because the women are too busy fawning over the men that didnt need to work on themselves. Am I wrong?

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