Are neurodivergent guys somewhat screwed?

I'm autistic, and I actually think I do better with women than most guys- I'm 23, and my n-count is in the 30s.

One of the biggest things for me was internalizing that "be yourself" actually means "be the best version of yourself". With a few attitude changes, a fashion/grooming upgrade, a dedicated workout regimen, and a LOT of practice (and with it, a lot of failure), I was able to elevate myself from "awkward weirdo" to "adorkable, endearingly eccentric goofball" (paraphrasing one of my FWB's words). Was it exhausting sometimes? Absolutely. Was it worth it? Also absolutely.

That being said, energy was never really something I struggled with. You may want to look at the root causes of low energy in your own life. I'm planning on creating some sort of guide to dating for guys on the spectrum- I think my experience could help a lot of people.

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