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I see what you mean now. It would perhaps be easier to ask for a full explanation rather than jumping back and forth between logical inferences, because we've gone down two separate but related rabbit holes and missed out a lot of crucial contextual information.

My views on this matter, from beginning to end, with full context:

BPD/NPD/ASPD people tend to seek out empaths who are easier to abuse.

At the same time, BPD/NPD/ASPD people tend to display high sociability, deep emotionality and sexual openness, and often make a great effort to make themselves appear very charming and attractive. These are things that - coming from a normal, stable partner - would be a positive.

Bringing gender into it:

People are easily lured in by attractive things, and tend to ignore red flags (like a serious mental illness) if someone is attractive enough.

For example, observe the amount of comments on that video saying things like "yo bro yo dat pussy yo it grip tho yo" etc.

A lot of men are lured in by the positive aspects of this type of behaviour (deep emotionality, high attractiveness, low inhibitions), and would pursue this type of woman regardless of how bad an idea it would be for them.

However, no one wants to be the victim of abuse - which could easily happen when you're involved with this type of person.

To wit, manosphere advice, as I see it (and as I assume the woman who originally made the comment sees it as well - interesting that you're not writing paragraphs to her though) essentially trains men to "tame" this type of woman.

A good example would be "dread game". That wouldn't work on a normal, well-adjusted woman. But to someone with BPD who has issues with abandonment - it is a cert.

I'm sure you'll want more examples, but I'll leave it at one for this comment.

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