Why can’t women be good judges of male attractiveness?

Overall, I think both men and women tend to agree what makes a woman attractive.

Women's attractiveness is judged almost one-dimensionally, with femininity being synonymous with neoteny. The more neotenous a woman's face, the more feminine and generally the more attractive she is. And she generally has access to cosmetic products that are geared towards making her face appear more feminine.

What makes male conventional attractiveness different is that unlike female attractiveness, broad appeal to women does not go up the more masculine a face is. There is a careful balance that has to be struck between masculine and feminine features, and between youthfulness and maturity, that make the most attractive men have the broad appeal they do.

I can admit that most men don't understand the female gaze, but women also fail to understand they are assessing male attractiveness from more "dimensions" than they would female attractiveness. So usually, the female gaze used to invoke different preferences for attractive men that fall on the masculine-feminine spectrum, but again, they're still just archetypes of conventionally attractive men.

Harry Styles is conventionally attractive. Jason Momoa is also conventionally attractive. Even though the two look vastly different and cater to different women's preferences, they both possess common features that make them conventionally attractive in the first place, features which are still rare in the broader male population.

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