Why do men even like women when they hate us so much?

I don't think women who engage in casual sex are sluts but I think they should be careful just because of STDs. The idea of a woman being damaged is ridiculous. The only "damage" would be a collection of STDs but if she takes the proper precautions than this shouldn't be an issue. If she does get STDs though that's her own doing and she should rightfully be considered damaged for that because she is a danger.

Women aren't sexually attracted to men but their phallus. They buy dildos obviously. But unlike men who enjoy women's features and her "essence" women value only that which men can provide to them such as their genitalia which fits into them and their resources.

Tell me how me as a person who enjoys tending to my home would benefit from a woman doing the same thing when I don't want or need that? What do I want in a relationship? I want someone I can trust as my best friend as well as someone I'm sexually attracted to. But I can't be best friends with someone that is only using me.

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