MRW 1/2 the salesmen I work with spend the day discussing me and my instagram rather than sell anything and it leads to me sitting down with HR.

"I want a job that doesnt make me want to sit in my car and cry... the salesmen treat me like shit."

That was all I said. None of the people discussing it had even seen the story, and the ones who were perpetuating it are guys I have repeatedly told that I don't want to date them or live with them for free (because theres no such thing as free rent... duh) so they're trying to punish me for that. I never said I hated anyone. And... this was on my personal instagram not related to work. These men who were doing this do not even follow me, they lurk on my gram. It's all ludacris and I made this post because I wanted support from women who may or may not have been through something similar. These men are all over 40, they should be focused on work and not bring in lies and rumors about a coworkers instagram story...

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