168 words I want to meet this heroic mystery woman 135 words Logging into a funny videos website to see the top post yet another clip of a woman weakly striking a man before getting brutalized and knocked unconscious in response, with all the top comments going like “hell yeah daddy”, “that’s hot” and “another feminist taken down” 428 words Condoms are uncomfy, can't you just take plan B instead? 165 words I love this 264 words Men on reddit be like 141 words It sure is awesome being a woman in America rn. Trolls, how do you cope with hopelessness? 127 words I don’t think it’s a coincidence that there are so many neglected ‘mysterious’ chronic illnesses that primarily impact women 125 words Feel like the entirety of Reddit needs to see and acknowledge this 157 words Oh yup. 186 words Do not forget that 40% of police officers in America have admitted to abusing their wives and families. 138 words No one is ever “asking” for it. 161 words Men: let me explain to you why you’re wrong about this 172 words TW Homo/tranphobia 125 words Happy International Men's Day to all our brothers and allies fighting the good fight! (I hope Terry would approve) 157 words Inside my (formerly) best friend's brain when my abusive ex asks her to party with him 170 words I typed up a heartfelt rant to try to explain this to friends/family on FB, then deleted it. (credit to u/HariyaManawari on r/wholesomememes) 173 words "Boys will be boys" is bullshit 439 words MRW my coworker from Alabama says that everyone is going to want to leave my state of California soon because of the laws that our governor keeps passing. From ALABAMA. 171 words When the topic of rape, harassment and abuse inevitably shifts to conversations about false accusations and how it ruins men's lives. 117 words bE nIcE tO uNcLe JoE