MRW my director tells me he found out I made several thousand less than the least-paid of my 4 (male) coworkers, wasn't going to stand for it, and got HR to approve an 11% (and $4,000) increase starting this pay period

Half the scientists were given the application with a male name attached, and half were given the exact same application with a female name attached. Results found that the “female” applicants were rated significantly lower than the “males” in competence, hireability, and whether the scientist would be willing to mentor the student.


The scientists also offered lower starting salaries to the “female” applicants: $26,507.94 compared to $30,238.10.

Study shows gender bias in science is real. Here’s why it matters.

Consad: others have talked about consad before so ill leave this here

[1] "But about one-third of the gap remains unexplained, suggesting that bias and discrimination are still problems in the workplace."

[2] Can you provide a page # you're referencing? I don't have time to go through 90 pages. Chart 2, 20% gap.

page 4.

Among both women and men, median weekly earnings for those working full time in management, business, and financial operations jobs were higher than in any other major occupational category in 2012 ($993 for women and $1,387 for men

30% less

The second highest paying occupational group for women and men was professional and related occupations ($928 for women and $1,267 for men).

27% less.

wsj: paywall

TDB: "it's about degree differences". But, from your BLS link. (random selection) CEOs. 1730 vs 2275 (76%) Marketing 1396 vs 1640 (85%)
HR (women dominated) 1208 vs 1447 (83%)
Education Admin 1052 vs 1566 (67%)

Seriously, pages 10 through 35 breaks it down by field. every field women are lower EXCEPT Counselors. Women make 2.6% more than men. This isn't just a case of "Well you can't compare a Petroleum engineer to a kindergarten teacher". This is teacher vs teacher.

Hoff Sommers:"... owed to women's supposedly inferior negotiating skills -- not unscrupulous employers."

Or it could be that being a woman is bad for negotiation

A new study by researchers at Cornell University’s Johnson Graduate School of Management found that people saw womanly features as a sign of passivity and preferred to negotiate against someone who looked feminine.

Yes, it does effect feminine men as well.


Attempting to negotiate can make anyone seem less nice, Bowles repeatedly found. But it’s only women who subsequently suffer a penalty: people report that they would be less inclined to work with them, be it as coworkers, subordinates, or bosses. The effect is especially strong, Bowles has found, when people observe women who engage in salary negotiations. “Money in particular seems to be a hot one,” she says.

No salary b/c they dont negotiate, but if they negotiate they 'seem less nice'. (

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