MU's oldest season ticket holder Alice, aged 93, has revealed that Sir Alex would send a minibus to Leicester to pick her up and take her to all of United’s matches at Old Trafford.When he learnt that the she couldn't attend anymore because of her eyesight,he offered to pay for Alice's operation.

Do people think I'm trying to downplay Sir Alex's achievements or something here? What the man did is amazing but I'll always think it's daft comparing league cups alongside top flights trophies for something from a nation where a league cup equivalent doesn't even exist. Doesn't matter if you're comparing Sir Alex and Milan or trophies between Napoli and Everton. It's daft to include league cups. Sir Alex is fucking amazing and discounting diddy cups doesn't make that less so but it does make the comparison more sensible in my opinion. If you compare only his active years then yeah it's even more amazing but it's also a less interesting stat since it just becomes manager of dominant club won more trophies than other clubs while he was dominant. It's more interesting to compare the full history because he's so amazing he still comes close or surpasses them depending on how you count it. I personally would count it so that he comes close because I would only count League, Main Domestic Cup and major European trophies. If you count differently that's fine mate but I don't think I'm being unreasonable in why I include league cups separately from those things.

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