My boyfriend (M34) made some depressing comments about my (F32) labia and I can’t get over it.

Omg I have literally experienced the same thing.

My ex boyfriend asked me one night for nudes but of my vagina. I love sending nudes but have never sent any straight of my vagina so I said no. He asked me why not and even though I had never really thought about it before I said because my labia was big and I thought it looked weird and kind of unsexy in photos. So he then goes in to this full thing about how he thinks my vagina looks weird and how he’s been with 80 women but no one has ever looked like me and how he thought it was gross at first but then learned to be okay with it cause he loved me, but if I wanted surgery he would pay for it.

I had literally never thought that my vagina was weird before but it made me so self conscious and I started noticing how many people on basically a daily make jokes about longer/larger labias.

He eventually stopped saying anything when I told him that his dick looked like a naked mole-rat and showed him a picture!

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