My brothers!!!

Boy this thing is getting dved to shit and back. Why? Open discussions not welcome around here? Geez, i swear, Apirl fools and following week is just a disjointed cluster fuck around here. But the good clean fight metaphor might've thrown ppl off. Lord knows metaphors must be literal.

Here's my opinons on somethings:

Satan is real

Nazis inflitrated the US through thier connections and close friends in the US to prevert the nation into the current state.

LBJ ordered JFKs death. JFK Jr. was murdered as well. Bush wasn't the one to pull the trigger, his daddy was a hitman, Jr. was never up to his father's expectations, and i doubt he trusted Jr. to the job. So, the "instructor" was cia, and hilled jfk jr. He then parachutted to safety, as why the hell it required the assassian to die in that theory makes 0 sense to anyone that knows shit about planes.

9/11 was planned by the dod and the intelligence networks as a shadow coup that was warned about by JFK and Ford, amongst others. When Ford thinks things are getting too industerial, well, i mean, right?

The earth isn't what we think it is. Idk if it's flat, i don't buy that, though the flat earth theory stuff is facinating. But i have yet to see anything to covience me space is just simply space. And I studied alot of space. Always found it facinating.

To answer the /u/leagueofshadowbanned on who are the fart sounds, they are the mic (military industerial complex) and the true masters of that pyramid are not known to the public. If knowledge is power, then to be unknown is to be invincable.

The antichrist is alive and well on earth. Idk who he is.

We're already in the tribulation. But since most of us are first worlders, we don't feel it or see it like it really is. Everything is in rose colored glasses.

Jesus is the messiah. I know that's not popular on the net or these parts for sure, but you asked my opinion, and that's what I think.

The US MIC had the Ironman movies made and made sure they were allstar line up and production so when the miltary introduces them talos suits, ppl will think "cool" instead of "omfg"

depnding on how well this is received, I will either continue, or bitch about how ppl don't know how to reddit. It's really up to you, the fans, to decide.

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