My family expects me (30F) to leave my family (and small child) indefinitely and move across county to care for my mother (66F), and I don’t know how to react. No expectations fall to my drug-addicted (36M) brother.

Reading your words I can only imagine the amount of your resources that your mother and her family has taken from your son and husband through you. Your money is not the half of it. So much time, emotion, and effort wasted on someone who chooses to give less than nothing back.

Take that wonderful caring nature of yours and spend it your son and husband where it will actually do good. Your mother has proven herself incapable of using your help to better her situation and is not worth your efforts anyhow. What part of your relationship with your mother benefits you? Your mother purposely makes choices that hurt you.

Think of it this way. Your mother is dragging you down just as much as your brother drags her down.

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