My reaction when my divorced parents said they couldn't be in the same room together for my wedding. Screw tradition, we're takin' this show to Vegas.

Wow...over 200 hundred comments and you're the only idiot who doesn't get it. Not only that, but you're doubling down on it. Holy shit dude. This is a sub with TROLL in the name. I made a freaking MEME post. Stop seeing seriousness where they're is none. This is funny, I think it's funny, this post was meant to be entertaining, not a passive aggressive pity party. Everyone but you seems yo get this.

What I'm seeing here is a guy with severe relationship issues who is projecting his own broken world view all over the place. My life isn't the shit storm yours is, as you were more than happy to share with everyone. You've deleted it now, but I hate to tell you, the only whining baby in here's who bitched about parents running weddings is you. And you did it repeatedly, before deleting your comments because of negative karma (which, seriously dude?).

I'm having the wedding I want, my parents don't really matter, their reaction was humorous and the situation fit this meme perfectly. Do you get it now? Or would you like to make more self indulgent posts about how mean your in laws and ex wives are, how you're a poor little victim who is fighting for his kids and all the other personal sob story stuff you couldn't help but post in a parody sub? This isn't r/relationships. If you want to swap stories about how awful your life is, you should probably go elsewhere.

This thread is about having fun in Vegas, baby!

Also, next time you think about giving life advice based on the title of a meme post, maybe you should either look for some additional context do you don't sound like a crazy person, or resist the urge altogether. If I was actually upset or whatever, don't you think there are better subs for me to post in than TROLLX?

Christ on s crutch, my step kids have mastered the use of context clues and they're in elementary school.

It's been fun, but I have a wedding to throw together in 3 weeks so I don't have any more time yo amuse myself here. I know you will reply, but I'm not gonna read, have fun I guess?

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