Reddit, time to brag. What's your favorite achievement from your sexual bucket list?

This is going to get buried but I will still post it cause they both were hilarious. They also are my proudest moments because I was a very late bloomer, and would of never thought in a million years things like this would happen. Thank you college!

First story: Me (M) and 3 (F) friends all were hanging out at our pool just swimming going in hot tub etc typical summer day crap. Me, and two of the girls went inside to smoke or something and ended up cuddling all together, which then turned into an all night threesome. The sun started to finally come up and we realized we should probably stop and attempt to go to bed. The other girl who was not apart of it (my best friend) gave us all high fives the next morning.

Onto the second story which includes my (F) best friend again.

Had a bunch of people come over to pregame at my house before going out to the bars. It was me (M), my best friend (F) and her FWB who is also (F), my good buddy (M) and his girlfriend. So I am kind of like a fifth wheel but who cares were all getting hammered and having a good time. We go out to the bars for a couple hours and realize we are way too drunk to be in public and are probably going to get kicked out soon, so we decide to go home to finish the night and keep drinking.

We get back and my best friend (F) passes out in my room and everyone else keeps drinking. Couple hours go by and everyone is starting to wind down. My buddy (M) and his girlfriend pass out on the couch in living room so me and my best friends FWB go into my room to pass out.

One thing just led to another and me and my best friend (F) FWB started hooking up. A couple times we would stop and see my best friend move and think she was about to wake up but would just pass out again. Until one time. She finally fully woke up, rolled over, looked at both of us and kind of loudly exclaimed "YOU TWO ARE HAVING SEX!". She smiled, laughed, and the FWB took her arm and brought her in on it.

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