My sister posted this to her fiancee's timeline on Facebook with the simple message "<3". ONE OF US!

women are expected to dress up (and they get judged if they don't). whether they enjoy to dress up or not is secondary.

can explain further? Right now feminism is fighting heavily against slut shaming. Which is kinda the opposite of what your talking about here. They are asking people to not look at someone as a slut when puts a

wearing high heels all the time is actually bad for your feet and legs. your tendons will literally shrink a little, making flat shoes very uncomfortable.

The design for the high heel actually came from the cowboy boot however if we see men wearing cowboy boots society sees him as some redneck loser precisely because of how impractical those shoes are and how its clear the person wearing them is going for an image. I find it hard to believe that if high heels weren't considered an exception by society for women then society would discourage women from wearing them.

I seems that high heels are unusually exsempt from criticism by society. For instance I remember just four years ago pointing to an article in from of my mom indicating that high heels are like torture to the feet.My mom wears high heels and I thought that she knew they were bad for her like knowing smoking is bad and then still doing it because your addicted. I mean from just looking at the shoe you can tell that wearing such things are not healthy. Anyways I was met with such strong cognitive dissonance it bordered hostility. Apparently throughout her whole life nobody has ever pointed out how terrible high heel shoes are. Im pretty sure in that conversation I had with her years ago she said something to the tune of"well if high heels are so bad for women why do all women wear them?".

The lack of discussion on the obvious heath risks of high heel leads me to draw a parallel to the debate over whether or not cleavage should be considered slutty. I think society simply does not read into womens clothing choices especially when we contrast to how deeply society reads into men's clothing choices. In most places if a man wears a dress and makeup he'd probably get kicked out. The only time we see men in society wearing makeup is when they are cosplaying.

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