My teammate at a regatta today

Korea - Not even...

Kuwait - Good

Latvia - Austria? I'll give it a pass.

Lebanon - Good

Lithuania - Good

Macedonia - Good

Malaysia - Close but no cigar

Mexico - Accidental Sideways Chechnya

Moldova - Wrong proportions and sideways, but hey right colors

Monaco - I guess Monaco is close to Austria

Netherlands - Good

New Zealand - Just... no.

Nicaragua - No triangle with cashew man!

Niger - Good

Norway - If it wasn't a cross...

Pakistan - Sideways Nigeria?

Palestine - Good

Panama - Stop.

Paraguay - Please. Stop.

Peru - Why did you have to make it diagonal?

Philippines - New Zealand Mount Flag?

Poland - Good

Portugal - Upside down and out of proportion Bulgaria

Puerto Rico - Austro-Rico Empire?

Qatar - Good

Romania - Good

Amoa - Good

Russia - You get Amoa right but Russia wrong?

Senegal - Good

Singapore - Diagonal Poland

Slovakia - Good

Slovenia - You get Slovakia right, but Slovenia... that's just too difficult

South Africa - Good

Spain - It's sideways and no crest

Sri Lanka - Hapsburg meets Brunei

Sudan - Good

Swaziland - Adidas Track Flag

Sweden - Correct symbolism, wrong flag.

Switzerland - Goo- It's not a square. Almost got me.

Syrian - Good

Thailand - Good

Togo - Good

Tonga - What went wrong man?!

Tunisia - Good

??? - What?

Turkmenistan - More Paki than Turke.

Uganda - Sideways Belgium

Ukraine - Actual Hapsburg

Uruguay - They say this flag cannot be seen at night

United States - They technically did own the Philippians at one point

Uzbekistan - Very close....

Venezuela - Again, also really close.

Vietnam - Good

Zimbabwe - Piet Mondrian

Seriously, how does someone screw up the United States flag, but hit Togo's and Amoa's flag on the head?

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