N.S. shooter who dressed as Mountie during his rampage was related to two retired RCMP members

What about all the LEAF personnel who own their own weapons to train more than the 1 time a year the budget allows for them to qualify?

I’m a soldier, an MP actually, and let me tell you, no civilian cop should be allowed anywhere near a pistol, unless they train on their own time. Civvy cops don’t need such unwieldy weapons, that they can barely control. They should use a 2 handed weapon like a rifle, which is more stable and reduces risk of wild shots. But I bet 99% of Canadians would freak out if the cops were given a weapon more appropriate for someone who barely shoots twice a year if (s)he is lucky. Why? Because non-shooters don’t know shit about guns and don’t understand that 9mm rifles and 9mm pistols are the same fucking thing. One is just better in the hands of a civilian cop who barely knows how to handle a real gun fight, let alone a weapon requiring the fine motor control of a pistol.

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