Need opinions of Table Rules.

These are some topics you to discuss in your first session. It depends on your players but there might be something in the list that you hadn't thought of that you need to address. I'll leave that to you.

As for your list: I'd talk about rule 2 in detail. PvP is more than just fighting. If your character lies to another character, that's PvP. If your character steals from another character, that's PvP. If your character attacks an NPC which another character likes, that's PvP. Any action that pits two Players against eachother, is PvP.

Rather than forbidding all PvP, I personally like to allow PvP as long as it is meaningful, and with the understanding that if your character causes a rift in the party that they cannot fix, they will leave the party. I will warn players whenever I think such a situation might occur - only had to force a single character to retire in years of using this rule. That said it's not for everyone so do what you want, but know that even without PvP your PCs can still piss eachother off.

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