Netanyahu says 'turn off camera' then shares plan for destruction of America

Bro, OK I'm going to be as real with you here as anyone will ever be with you in your life:

It's nothing personal, it's not that we actively think you're 'dumb goyim' - what is taking place is basic fucking human nature. Genes vs genes - the nazis weren't wrong about eugenics. Something stirs deep in my soul or mind or lizard brain or whatever you want to call it. You are literally a different subspecies to me and only one will ultimately win this race. Either you fight or go the way of some defunct line.

Either you kick out those who are other to you or you will get devoured.

It's basic human nature and you euros have been bewitched into ignoring the basic scientific evidence. Personally I blame TV.

Anyway I'm off to Israel soon so good luck.

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