Netflix features way too many gay people in their newer TV shows.

and here come the downvotes.......... just because I do not conform to the norm nor think like the moral majority ppl have to down vote. Sad to say that this is going to be the downfall of society. No one can have a discussion without someone's panties getting into a bunch and downvoting, degrading, attacking, etc.

I came in here to talk civilized about this issue and I get downvoted all the time.

Ca sara sara

Now, back to my discussion. I beg to differ about the sexuality issue. All that is shown is sexuality between all these characters. Fine and all good but it seems to be more emphasised(sic) that not. You do not see hetero couples holding hands and kissing in every scene nor in real life. I have nothing against the alt lifestyle at all. To each their own. What you want to do behind closed doors or on your own is your business.

I will finish this be saying that we agree to disagree. Was a very nice chat/discussion. I see we do not disagree which is fine. The world revolves around ppl disagreeing. If we all agreed on everything this would be a very dull world.

Have a nice weekend.

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