What is the nicest way to tell my g/f that her pussy smells and she needs a shower?

My first boyfriend was uncircumcised (not that anything is wrong with that) but he clearly did not wash down there well enough bc every time I tried to go down on him, I was disgusted by the scent. I usually pushed through it and thankfully he’d come pretty easily so I didn’t have to do it long. BUT once we started dating a while I couldn’t take it anymore and would straight up tell him that I wouldn’t give him a bj unless he showered bc the smell really bothered me.

One time he told me he showered but when I went south that was clearly not the case so I asked him to take a quick shower, which he did BUT THE SMELL WAS STILL THERE so I think he just wasn’t cleaning himself thoroughly enough.

Ugh I’m so glad my current boyfriend is super hygienic.

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