New Character Sheets Here!

A few comments (please note these are just comments, as I don't have authority to give the Stamp of Approval):

  • Your backstory places you in Chicago; we're in Seattle. Should be an easy fix.

  • Be careful with Combat Junkie. On the hub, Knight Errant is very suspicious because of Shadowrunners solving problems with violence, so it's a good idea to avoid being that "Hobo with a Shotgun" that's gonna start fights as the only way to solve problems. I'm not saying you can't keep it, but I personally would swap it out with Bap Rep or something, and then Roleplay the Combat Junkie aspect, rather than be required to get 4 successes on 5 dice to avoid flying into a combat rage.

  • Logic 1 is rough. Really rough. If you don't have a skill rank in a logic thing, you default and roll [Relevant Attribute minus 1]. That means that you roll 0 dice on logic-based skills. Getting dressed in the morning is a challenge for Ursala, as she is less intelligent than most toasters.

  • Same with Charisma. You have no ranks in Etiquette; therefore, you auto-fail everything single Charisma test. Think about that: she autofails every social test she encounters.

  • In light of the previous 2 bullets, I might recommend ditching your martial art and using that karma to buff up logic and charisma. Pulling 1 from Reaction (and maybe some from Strength; do you really need to do a bajillion damage?) will also let you improve Charisma and Logic.

  • I don't understand the "Adept's Way" rules very well, so I didn't check the legality of these (hence why I'm not an authorizer), but, if you can, I might drop Counterstrike and use the point on Increased Reflexes. Increased Reflexes bonus is +1 Rea and + 1d6 init, for expected 4.5 Initiative every combat turn. I would think that an extra combat pass roughly every other turn is going to be much more useful than occasionally being better at punching and blocking.

  • Lastly, if you can find a way, a better fake SIN will save your life. Per the street violence facing Runnerhub's version of Seattle, you can get arrested just for walking around while troll. I play an Ork named Papa Grizzly, and I've very nearly been arrested for no better reason than Driving While Ork. A fake SIN is essential.

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