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Nurse Examination Part 1

10:04 min | $10.99

Part one of a two part series! I see you've come in for a physical examination. Don't worry, even though I'm female, you can relax and just let me test everything! I'll be running a few different tests including checking all your vitals. I know it might be weird, but for the first part of our examination, I will need to insert this small butt plug into you before we move onto the next stage of our examination! Recorded on a Blue Yeti Microphone. AUDIO ONLY

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Mommy's Gooning Addict

11:03 min | $11.99

Come back to see Mommy again have we? Well, why don't you start stroking then for me.... Oh, so eager! If you're this addicted to Mommy, why don't we make a little deal then? You can stroke and goon until the end of time for Mommy, but it will be only to Mommy from now on! I'll become your goddess, your mistress, your entire world! So go ahead, prove yourself to Mommy and delete all your other contacts and all your porn for Mommy! If you're an extra good boy for me, maybe I'll even let you cum at the end. Prove yourself to Mommy!

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Wedgie Wednesdays: Snuggie Wedgie

4:40 min | $4.99

The Snuggie Wedgie! Give the victim a wedgie in the smallest underwear they can possibly wear. Listen to me talk all about this type of wedgie and answer a whole bunch of questions about it! Then we will finish off with a fun, short roleplay story!

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Party Dress Ripping

7:59 min | $7.99

Haven't you always been curious about what it would look like to see that hot girl at the club rip her dress off to get naked for you? Now's your chance to experience it and watch me rip this black and white dress into as many pieces as I can!

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Mommy Encourages Your Loss of Masculinity

10:57 min | $10.99

Get off of your younger step-brother! Seriously, can I not leave you alone for even two seconds without fighting?? Now sweetie, what did Mommy tell you before about your step-sister? You need to admit defeat and submit to her... She is so much stronger now, she is the state wrestling champion after all, shes even beaten all the boys! Alright... Now now... Mommy knows how to make you feel all better, just let me stroke your penis. Oh... Oh my! Look how much smaller it is now! It must be because your step-sister has been emasculating you so much! You really need to submit now, sweetie!

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Wedgie Wednesdays: Slide Wedgie

5:53 min | $5.99

The Slide Wedgie! When your victim is sitting at the top of a slide grab their underwear and push them down the slide! Listen to me talk all about this type of wedgie and answer a whole bunch of questions about it! Then we will finish off with a fun, short roleplay story!

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