New spa-like abortion clinic is part of a trend to de-stigmatize the procedure

There is also a more practical reason why BC might not be popular with some people. Scientific studies have found that BC influences who women are attracted to due to the way it influences pheromone reception. Theroletically some women on the pill will meet a guy they're attracted to, go off the pill to have a baby intentionally and get surprised by not having the same "chemistry" because they perceive his pheromones differently.

The reverse is also true: meeting a guy you like while not on the pill, go on the pill once the relationship gets more serious and then "why did the chemistry evaporate?"

There are similar reasons why condoms aren't used as much as they could be. Guys claim sex doesn't feel as good with them on. Which probably explains why sterilization procedures like vasectomies are so popular for people who don't want kids or already have the kids they want. Allows sex to be "better." Women would probably make similar decisions if they were socially allowed (finding a doctor to do a medically unnecessary sterilization under 30 is not easy). Guys used to have similar problems. When my dad got a vasectomy in ye olden days (1980s) he had to go to a Planed Parenthood in another state because no one else was willing to do it, and then when he started suffering life threatening complications from it postop no local doctor was willing to treat them once they heard what he had done.

Caveat: people who know they are sterile are known to be more reckless when it comes to STDs, which is why nursing homes are some of the country's worst hot zones for STI spread. They go at it like rabbits without protection since there's no pregnancies to worry about.

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