New user here, question about bill payments

I'll just tell you the entire story of my purchase experience (I dunno why I even bothered going through with it, guess I'm just a sucker). I asked the rep how much it would take to purchase phone + plan altogether so I wouldnt go over my limit, the rep told me around $300 and they would be able to knock it down to below that more than likely with in-store coupons.

Then, as I was fucking checking out with the goods, they told me that I wasn't eligible for the mail-in rebate that they explicitly stated at the beginning of the sale that I was going to get, there was an activation fee of $35 going to appear on my next billing statement and that they required me to put in a $125 security deposit that I wouldn't get back until after a year.

By the time we got through, the rep had me at like $450 altogether and added an accessory bundle on it that I didn't even ask for. After removing the bundle I was down to $341, I added a case which the rep pulled a 25% off coupon out of their ass for, and informed me that I cannot use my company discount of 19% towards the phone or plan, even though in our employee contract with them it states we get 19% off on all products and plans with Verizon.

They then offered an "insurance" fee of $9 which included an extended warranty, so I thought that was actually the only good deal I was getting so I took it, because.. you know, smart phones are quite fragile. I later found out while browsing my receipts that that is $9 a month. The $60/m is also taxed (of course), and the insurance is taxed (of course). I browse further down the receipt and see the activation fee, no surprise there I actually expected something stupid like that. Then I see an added surcharge of 9.46 and extra tax of 8.62 and I notice that my first bill cycle is almost twice what the base plan is.

So, let's add this up. 341 for the phone (taxes + 125 security deposit, with no $50 rebate like I was promised I would get), 40.58 for the case, which they told me they put a 25% off + my 19% off on, the case is... $50 normally, so they fucked me on that too. 126.53 for the first bill. So.. I ended up paying 508.11 for something the rep assured me I was going to total at around 300 for.

Somehow, I'm not sure if I was just in a state of bewilderment or what, I still went through with this because I desperately need a phone due to my long commute to work and I wanted a good one without paying $600 straight out of the pocket for.

I should've just waited a paycheck and bought the phone and got something like Straight Talk. I guess I'm more mad at myself than anything for being a fucking idiot. I'm stupid. I should've have gotten caught up in "the moment" of buying my first smart phone. Lesson learned, I suppose.

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