TIFU by telling you All I am a sex offender that wants to move forward in life?

laws can be challenging...

Call the court yard marriot. I interviewed there... Oh right. Didn't get that job/ Call The harmonn tacoma. Interviewed there just three days ago... Didn't get that job either. Call Target, siemos warehouses. Call anthonys, shenanigans, the lobster shop, Here. Knapps, dennys, the ram dorkys arcade narrows bowl towers bowl safeway x 4 locations mc donalds 4 locations jack in the box 2 locations kfc 2 locations papa murphys papa johns the murano the Silverstone louie g's pizza Albertsons kmart fredmeyer the rock pizza the swiss jazz bones pacific grill Tacoma events center Look this is going to take awhile mind you. sharis another dennys in fife old country buffet Honestly this is a waste of my time. asado e9 Stanley and seaforts buffalo wild wings. el gaucho the matador cliff house Moctezumas chevys primo grill I have an interview tomorrow at boathouse 19: (open interview but hopeful).

gateway to india jonnys dock Jonnys in fife café divion Renaissance café antique sandwich shop farellis x 2 locations

Look I can literally go on and on. The second I moved home. (selling my tv and xbox just to make my last months rent) I pawned my 200.00 anniversary present (a Seiko watch) To have 35.00 I literally took the bus to every business center in town with a hand full of resumee's and just went to town. Theres probably a bunch that I even forgot about.

I utilize phone tree every Monday. Do call backs, set up interviews. and Go. I typically either have a short one (they probably just hate that Ive called every Monday for a month). Or a long one. when they say Can you pass a criminal background check: When I say. Btw I am a registered so. And they say. oh. We will let you know. And I get emails like these:

 Gommi, Michael (F) Hello Matthew. Hoping we can sneak in an interview with you between Christmas and New Years. Does the 30th at 4:00pm work for you by chance? Mike Gommi General Manager - Courtyard by Marriott Tacoma D

Dec 23, 2014
me I am available! Good to hear from you and happy holidays to you and yours!
Dec 23, 2014
Gommi, Michael (F) Thank you for your email. I will be out of the office for the Christmas Holiday until Monday the 29th, and will not be responding to emails regularly. Happy Holidays! Mike Gommi General Manager Courty

Dec 23, 2014
Gommi, Michael (F) Great. See you then. Mike Gommi General Manager - Courtyard by Marriott Tacoma Downtown 1515 Commerce Street Tacoma, WA 98402 253-284-3570 direct FAX: 253-383-3357 direct [email protected]<mailt

Dec 23, 2014

me I just wanted to follow up with a expression of gratitude for allowing me the opportunity to interview with you on the 30th. Thanks again, Matthew Neumann On Tuesday, December 23, 2014 11:05 PM, "Gomm

Jan 4\ Hello Matthew,

Thank you for taking the time to interview with us for our Guest Service Representative opening. Our team has had a chance to discuss your qualifications, and unfortunately, we have decided to pursue other candidates who appear to match (skills and experience) our requirements more closely at this time.

Should something change on our side (or we get another job opening that matches your background better), we will not hesitate to contact you.

Thank you again for your interest in an employment opportunity with Hollander Investments, Inc., and we wish you the best of luck in your current job search.

Human Resources

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