[Next Day Thread] #1 Alabama defeats Texas

Unpopular opinion but hear me out - Quinn getting hurt was a good thing for the team. He was starting to find his timing with the receivers but he is still a big turnover liability. All week folks were saying “he’s the guy…but expect interceptions.” There’s a reason he was battling Card for the start. If he stays in we have more highlight drives but maybe they end in turnovers and we lose steam. Team doubts ourselves and we falter for the rest of the season. With Ewers out- the team steps up. No turnovers and we come away knowing we are able to play at that level. So while I am also thinking “what if” It might just turn out to be a blessing he was out for this game. Here’s hoping it’s a mild sprain and he’s back in the game after using the injury rest to keep learning from Coach K and Patterson in the film room.

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