NIXON TAPES: Henry Kissinger & Nixon talk about Indian action in East Pakistan/Bangladesh

I wanted to say this in 'Russia part of CPEC' thread but since it wasn't India-related and also since some users here keep crying, I didn't. So here it is.

About 4-5 months ago when India-US relations were "increasing", this was extensively reported by media. The US media were esp. interested in the LMAO defence pact & there were also discussions whether India can become US's "biggest strategic defence partner". Obviously, their target was China. While this happened Russia Def Minister would come to India, silently sign a few def. deals, just some with low-profile media briefing.

From Indian p.o.v, India needed US for it's dream of being a member of MTCR, NSG. While Obama needed India it's support for one of his legacies - the Climate deal. Among other things, India made a few Def. deals with US. While the relations with US was getting close, obviously Russia needed assurance that India wouldn't pick a side between US and Russia, esp. with their Defence deals (since India is Russia's biggest Def. importer). They gave hints. A couple of weeks after Russia-Pak military exercise, India signed a huge Def. deal with Russia worth more than 40,000 crores and other agreements.

Maybe Pakistanis don't know about this huge deal, hence they STILL keep saying "India getting close to US".

I wanted to say in the 'Russia part of CPEC' thread, why would Russia want to be a part CPEC, esp. if India is against it and that to after this huge deal? Unless, Pakistan can make deals or give business worth tens of crores to Russia. In fact, they are trying to stay away from Pak saying "Relationship between Pak and Russia is minimal".

I'm typing this for the 2nd time as I accidentally closed browser tab after almost finishing it. First one was detailed, this is shorter and wrote it in a hurry. Might have mistakes, ignore. yawn

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